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Matrix Telehealth: Video Wellness Calls

A Safe and Convenient Way to Stay Healthy

Now, more than ever, it’s essential you stay healthy and connected to care. To continue healthcare access during COVID-19, the US Government, Medicare and health plans have expanded coverage to include telehealth services, such as Matrix video wellness calls.

This call is an important opportunity to speak one-on-one with a Matrix Nurse Practitioner.  The nurse will assess your overall health and wellness and identify early signs of health risks or illness. Best of all, you don’t have to leave the comfort and convenience of your home. You and our Nurse Practitioners stay safe by limiting exposure to further illness.

Matrix is a leading provider of comprehensive health and wellness visits, advanced diagnostics, and care management services. In partnership with your health plan, we help you stay healthy by providing care in the convenience of your home, on a video call, or on one of our mobile health
clinics located in your community. And, we share results with you and your primary doctor, so you stay connected to care.

Matrix healthcare professionals take the time to listen to your health concerns and provide you with personalized support and focused attention that may not be available during regular doctor visits. Our licensed health providers include Physicians (MD/DO), Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and medical technicians.

To ensure Health Plan Member and Matrix Provider health and safety, we follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended guidelines and protocols.


We’ll Contact You and Help You with Technology


Personalized Attention and Care

This secure and private video wellness call allows you to:

  • Spend about 45 minutes one-on-one with a Nurse Practitioner.
  • Ask any health-related questions you may have about Coronavirus or other health concerns and get up-to-date answers.
  • Avoid paperwork, travel and waiting room time – again limiting your exposure to illness and infection.

During the visit, the Nurse Practitioner will:

  • Review all your medications and any lab results.
  • Perform a comprehensive assessment to identify health risks and monitor conditions.
  • Recommend additional medical care and screenings, if needed.
  • Answer your questions about your health or about COVID-19 (Coronavirus).
  • Recommend local community resources.

It’s Easy to Take Advantage of a Video Wellness Call

To prepare for your visit with the Nurse Practitioner, please:

  • Gather your prescription bottles and lab results, and jot down any questions you may have.
  • Have your health insurance card available.
  • Have the names and phone numbers of your doctors handy.
  • Please try to have your height and weight. If you have your blood pressure too, that is a big plus – but we understand if you won’t have that.

For the best video calling experience, we recommend that you:

  • Complete a video connection test with Matrix or others.
  • Plan to answer our call at the scheduled time. Depending on your Caller ID settings, you will see the incoming call from “Matrix” or the Nurse Practitioner’s phone number.
  • Find a place in your home that is well lit, quiet and has good reception.
  • Make sure the phone, tablet or laptop computer you’re using for the video call is turned “on” and fully charged and Wi-Fi Calling or cellular data service is turned “on.”
  • Make sure you can connect to the internet and you don’t have any Wi-Fi network issues.

After the visit

We’ll send a Personal Health Summary to you and your doctor after the visit. Together, you can make informed decisions about your health.




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